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Medicare Supplement Companies in Vermont…

In Vermont, there are many companies that offer competitive pricing and rates for Medicare Supplement Insurance. It behooves you to talk with all of the carriers before you decide as some are more expensive than others, and by talking to one or more you will be able to tell what type of deal you’re getting and if it is on par with the rest of the market… Explore the comprehensive list below to see all of the companies that serve Vermont, and feel free to explore their various websites. When you’re ready for a free quote just enter your zip code above.

Here is a list of Medicare supplement plans available in the state of Vermont…

American Progressive of New York 800-332-3377 (toll-free)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont (Vermont Medigap Blue) 800-255-4550 (toll-free) or
Colonial Penn Life 1-800-800-2254 (toll-free)
Conseco Health Insurance 1-800-465-1023(toll-free)
Genworth Life and Annuity 1-866-465-1023, Option 1 (toll-free)

Globe Life and Accident 1-800-331-2512 (toll-free)
Humana Insurance Company 1-888-310-8482 or
Liberty National Life 1-800-331-2512 (toll-free)
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company 1-800-667-2937 (toll-free)
State Farm Insurance (check your local listings)
United America 1-800-331-2512 (toll-free)
United Healthcare (AARP) 1-800-523-5800 (toll-free)
USAA Life 1-800-531-8000 (toll free)

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