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Medicare Supplement Companies in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, there are many companies that offer competitive pricing and rates for Medicare Supplement Insurance. Be sure you are familiar with all of the companies before you decide which one to purchase a policy with. If you get multiple quotes from each company you’ll be able to find the best, cheapest coverage to meet your needs. Medicare-related insurance products are one of the fastest-growing segments of the U.S. health insurance industry overall. In Massachusetts, the most recognizable names in this market include Aetna Health, Anthem/Blue Cross, Coventry Health, Humana Insurance, and Medica Health. But these giants aren’t alone—there are dozens of smaller insurance companies selling Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part C/Advantage plans here.

Here is a list of Medicare supplement plans available in the state of Massachusetts

Medigap Carriers Please note that rates may change in 2012
Medicare Supplement Core
Medicare Supplement 1

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of MA (Medex™)
1-800-678-2265 sales/apps
1-800-258-2226 member services
1-800-522-1254 (TDD)
(continuous open enrollment)

Fallon Health & Life Assurance Company
1-866-330-6380 sales/apps
1-800-868-5200 member services
1-877-608-7677 (TDD)
(continuous open enrollment)

HPHC Insurance Company, Inc.
1-800-782-0334 sales/apps
1-877-907-4742 member services
1-888-259-8276 (TDD)
(continuous open enrollment)

Humana Insurance Company
1-800-872-7294 sales/apps
1-800-866-0581 member services
1-800-833-3301 (TDD)
(continuous open enrollment)

Tufts Insurance Company
1-800-714-3000 sales/apps
1-800-701-9000 member services
1-800-208-9562 (member services)
1-888-899-8977 (sales/apps)
(continuous open enrollment)

United HealthCare™ Insurance Company
Only for members of AARP
(American Association of Retired Persons)
(continuous open enrollment)

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