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Medicare Supplement Companies In Georgia

It is extremely important for every senior to be aware of Medicare policies and the additional coverages you are eligible to receive because of your age. Researching and understanding these plans is critical for your health and the treatment of any symptoms you might possess. Because Original Medicare (Parts A and B of the standard package) do not cover all of a person’s health care expenses, private insurance companies offer government-regulated plans that add more coverage.
Federal and Georgia state law allows insurance companies to offer all 10 of the so-called “standardized” Medicare Supplement (or “Medigap”) policies. These plans are labeled A through J. Each company must use these same identifying letters.
Note: A particular insurance company does not have to offer all 10 policies but may choose which plans to offer Georgia consumers.
Here is a list of Medicare supplement plans available in the state of Georgia. This data was accurate at the time of publishing…

*5 Star Life Insurance Company
*Admiral Life Insurance Company of America
*AIG Premier Insurance Company
*Allianz Life Insurance Company
*American Family Life Assurance Company
*American Pioneer Life Insurance Company
*Ameritas Life Insurance Company
*Auto-Owners Life Insurance Company
*Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company
*BCS Life Insurance Company
*Life Investors Insurance Company of America
*Health Insurance

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