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Aflac Insurance Reviews
Founded in 1955, Aflac Insurance Incorporated is a Fortune 500 American Insurance Company that specializes in supplemental insurance. Some of Aflac’s insurance products include dental insurance, vision insurance, accident insurance, life and short term disability insurance.

You may hear a duck sound in your head when you think of Aflac, but the company’s position in the insurance industry is no quacking matter. Aflac is one of the largest providers of insurance to supplement benefits at work.
Aflac drew fewer than the median number of complaints to state regulators in 2017 for a company of its size, according to the latest data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

The association assigns a complaint ratio score to insurance companies, based on the number of complaints to state insurance commissioners, adjusted for market share. The median score is 1. A score less than 1 means fewer complaints. Aflac’s score for individual life insurance in 2017 was 0.46.
Aflac life insurance
Aflac is a top seller of supplementary insurance at U.S. workplaces. Also called “voluntary benefits,” these are policies employees can buy through work to supplement traditional group health insurance.

The company also sells supplementary coverage to individuals. Highlights include:

You can choose to receive cancer insurance payouts based on treatment over time or lump-sum benefits paid upon diagnosis.
In some states, accident policies pay up to an additional 25% of the benefit if the injury occurred while participating in an organized sport.
Dental insurance plans have no provider networks, so you can choose any dentist, and there are no deductibles.

Megab of Columbia, MO

“My policy was offered through my employment. I like that they helped pay to fix my families’ teeth. It’s also easy to contact someone when there is an issue, question or concern. Obviously, all dental plans fall short of actually covering dental needs of the insured which is something I don’t like.”

Tracey of Tawas City, MI

“The company I work for had great options on adding Aflac Dental Insurance to my medical services. I have full coverage on dental care and hasn’t disappointed me yet. I love it. They have great customer service, too.”

Yehya of Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“Through work they offered me 3 different insurance to choose one and I chooses Aflac Dental Insurance. I completed the form at work and returned it to my supervisor. It’s very affordable and we can depend on it with all the family dental problems. Also, we can find it any place we want and many […]

Ashlee of Highland, CA

“Aflac Dental Insurance is a good option for basic dental care and not too pricey. I like that it covers a cleaning every 6 months and for a low monthly price. I only have one thing that I would improve which would be having the ability to book appointments online and access my dental records.”