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Cigna Insurance Reviews
Cigna is a global health insurance provider that offers services such as pharmacy, dental, supplemental insurance and medicare plans to business, families and individuals.

Stephen of Burnsville, MN

“Cigna Insurance is a really good company. This is my first health insurance company off of my parents healthcare, and I got low premiums, low deductible, and really good healthcare. I had a surgery to remove my gallbladder and the cost was 13,000. Cigna got it down to 6,000 and then paid the whole bill.”

Glenn of Friendswood, TX

“Called CIGNA for help with a claim incurred by my daughter while out of state. Service was exceptionally polite and efficient. The agent solved both the hospital and provider claims, volunteering to call the billing company of the ER physician. All in all, he provided a top-notch level of service, exceeding my expectations.”