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Metlife Insurance Reviews
Metlife Insurance Reviews may be best known for selling insurance policies through workplaces, but the company also offers auto, home, dental and other types of insurance to individuals. Policies are sold by a network of agents across the nation.

Metlife is the largest life insurance Reviews provider in the United States by market share and offers life insurance through the workplace. The insurer’s life insurance offerings include term life, universal life, and variable universal life, though the specifics of your plan depends on your employer. Employers can opt for supplemental coverage for their employees, like accidental death payouts, long-term care, disability insurance, and more.

Because insurance is offered through the workplace, the application process is simple; applicants can receive a decision in as soon as one business day.

That said, Metlife’s exclusive offerings are also its biggest drawback. Your satisfaction with the company may depend on what your employer chooses to offers, since price and policy options hinge on your workplace plan.

Thomas of Charlotte, NC

“Easy to submit claims and to understand the coverage. Customer service was easy to reach and very courteous and helpful in explaining coverage amounts and procedures. Claims were handled in a fast, efficient manner and never delayed, and all claims were processed within the estimated time window. No claims were missing or delayed in any […]

Kim of Forest City, NC

“They are very helpful with issues. Had MetLife dental insurance. They are a very good company, pay for a lot of services. Very happy with this company. Process claims in a timely manner, never have to pay out of pocket expenses, would recommend, never had any issues. Good premium and not a lot of out […]

Candis of North Stonington, CT

“Very good dental insurance and I wholeheartedly recommend. Pricey but not so bad really; I am on a fixed income so everything seems pricey to me these days. Customer service is great. Good benefits and truly affordable monthly rates for my plan.”

Brian of New Port Richey, FL

“I used the coverage for free cleanings and also twice for extractions. There was never an issue with claims processing as far as I know. I only ever paid my copay at the time of service. The value was great. I know that my preferred dentist was in the network and I had no other […]