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VSP Vision Care Insurance Reviews
Founded in 1955, VSP Vision Care is a global vision care health insurance company, one of the largest in the United States. They offer access to care from great doctors, quality eyewear and affordable vision plans.

Trinity of Seldovia, AK

“I went to out of network provider because glasses broke. Was told to call for out of network waiver. Got approved. Sent in for reimbursement. Got sent a check but it was for out of network. Got reimbursed for 170 out of 590.”

Makiko of Santa Barbara, CA

“The optometrist we formerly used suddenly ceased doing business and we were unable to obtain records and benefits. Calling VSP they answered promptly, did what was required and one could not imagine how easy the process was made. Thank you VSP – wish there were more such efficiently run business operations.”

D. of Thousand Oaks, CA

“The plan we are paying out of pocket for has less coverage than the rider vision plan we are getting with our medical insurance. Coverage and prices are not worth the private pay. My overall experience with the company has been ok, but not satisfied with their rates.”