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Health Insurance Innovations Reviews

Health Insurance Innovations, also known as HIIQ is a cloud-based technology platform and distributor of health insurance products. Through partnerships with top carriers, HIIQ is a preferred online source for specialty insurance and benefits products, including dental and health insurance.
Founded in 1942, as the Kosloske Agency. Its model, “Quote, Buy, and Print”, allows for simple application processes and access to a large number of insurance carriers. Through its foundation, HIIQ gives back to the community and brings relief after natural disasters. Some of the organizations that HIIQ supports are: Metropolitan Ministries, Tommy’s, 4Louis and Pepin Academies.

Many national reviews show that increasing health insurance costs have come as a result of the long-term effects of the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, this has left many people in the United States in need of low-cost health insurance alternatives and these trends are likely to continue, given the rising number of mergers in the healthcare industry over the last year. For these reasons, experts have suggested that short-term health programs could continue to grow in popularity amongst patients and families in regions where insurance options have become cost-prohibitive.

Kassandra R.

“What most people do not understand is that HII are THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATORS! They administrate the plans for INSURANCE COMPANIES. They aren’t the insurance companies. I had no problems with HII when I called them, they answered my questions and got me to the correct people in under 10 minutes.”

Geoff B.

“I actually had a bad experience turn into a positive one. I canceled my policy within the 30 day time period and didn’t get my refund. Ended up spending about 15 minutes on hold (understandable this time of year) and was getting frustrated. Belinda answered and was extremely helpful! She took care of all my […]

Joseph M.

“Spoke to a few different companies that offered me a slew of products. After weeks of compare and analysis, HII offered me the best coverage that was available outside the marketplace. While I will be inquiring again come open-enrollment, I would recommend them to anyone who missed the deadline or cant not afford marketplace coverage.”

Jillian R.

“Health Insurance Innovations is a fantastic company to work with! Everyone is friendly and helpful. All of my questions and concerns are answered and explained quickly and efficiently. The products can truly be tailored based on budget and need, that range from basic medical needs to comprehensive coverage. I would highly recommend Hiiquote to all […]

Chelsey R.

“Just a tip. HII doesn’t sell the insurance, it just runs the financial accounts. I bought a STM plan that is billed though HII and after talking to my accountant a few of the issues were made clear. The STM plans do come with a 1095 B for taxes. If you do contact HII to […]

James Y.

“I signed up for a 9 month policy through and the agent I worked with was excellent in explaining the coverage and the fact that pre-existing conditions would not be covered and medication coverage was very limited. I still went forth with the plan and plan to renew given the significant cost savings for my […]

Ben O.

“I’ve worked with HII Short term coverage for years now. I’ve always been impressed with their level of service when you need help.”