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Kaiser Permanente Insurance Reviews
Kaiser Permanente is the largest integrated managed care organization in the United States. It was founded in 1945 by industrialist Henry J. Kaiser and physician Sidney Garfield and it’s based in Oakland, California.
Kaiser Permanente is made up of Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc and the regional Permanente Medical Groups. They offer individual and family health plans, medicaid and medicare advantage plans and more.

Andrea of Laguna Niguel, CA

I LOVE Kaiser for my medical needs. I had cancer and can say that every person who helped me was outstanding in their skills, personal demeanor, kindness and caring. I spent a week in the hospital and now see my doctor every four months, although more frequently at first. I can honestly say that this […]

Ethan B.

Over the years I’ve been hospitalized at Kaiser, had surgery, preventative care, the whole nine yards … and all of it excellent with doctors¬†I liked who would respond to my emails within hours, even on weekends or late at night at a great price with zero ins claim paperwork! What more could you ask for?

Robert of San Diego, CA

Kaiser is a good health coverage. Not the best but getting better all the time. I feel comfortable with the Doctors, clinic and their staff. Not a PPO but they do the job well.

Yvonne of Fairfield, CA

I’ve had Kaiser insurance for many years and I like that all your services are connected and all your doctors have access to your files. The coverage is great and the ability to get same day appointments is awesome, especially in the pediatric department.

Joel of Arlington, VA

We’ve had Kaiser Permanente insurance for 3 years. Our son was born last year, but other than that we are relatively healthy. We’ve had a very positive experience with KP during that time. We love our doctors and pediatrician. It’s extremely convenient to talk to an on-call nurse, and we can almost always get same-day […]


We’ve been with Kaiser Permanente for 10+ years and have received very good care from our healthcare providers. We have experienced the Emergency Room, hospital stays, outpatient surgeries, pharmacy and other services. All have been a very good experience. We do have an excellent coverage plan.