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Humana Insurance Reviews
Humana is a health insurance company leading healthcare innovations and community wellness offering health, dental, vision, pharmacy, medicaid and medicare plans.

Zeder of Waynesboro, MS

I had back surgery about a year ago & while out of town, I accidentally fell. I went to my local ER and when they billed Humana they wrote my ER visit up as non-emergency so Humana didn’t pay my claim. When I called Humana & explained the situation they paid my claim… Right away… […]

Marcia of Vineyard Haven, MA

We have had Humana as Medicare supplement for 5+ years now and do not even look at options. My husband had to be hospitalized for 5 weeks. Never even saw EOB for months after. Humana took care of everything. I am eligible and ready to sign up this year for myself. Highly recommend!

S. G.

Looking for insurance was a nightmare. Every time I searched for it I would get directed to the marketplace and they just kept giving me one shady company after another. So finally I looked up top insurance in Illinois and humana was there and I see it advertised all the time so I called and […]


I would give Humana a gold star if I could. I have never had an insurance treat me with so much compassion and kindness. Humana went above and beyond the call of duty. When I was going through my illness, I had a nurse that I was able to talk with on a regular basis, […]