We’ve had Kaiser Permanente insurance for 3 years. Our son was born last year, but other than that we are relatively healthy. We’ve had a very positive experience with KP during that time. We love our doctors and pediatrician. It’s extremely convenient to talk to an on-call nurse, and we can almost always get same-day appointments in urgent care when we have a problem. The system is very convenient — everything under one roof. You can get referrals and see a specialist on the same visit! (And pick up your medicine in the pharmacy.) And we can e-mail our pediatrician anytime and get responses in under 24 hours; great for unexplained rashes or fevers. We loved pre-natal classes as well. My only complaints are — expensive (but everything is expensive), and the website is a little clunky and can be tricky to figure out. (But the website is also great because it has all your records stored there.)